Gold Country Herb Society

of El Dorado County      

 September Message from the President

Hello all Gold Country Herb Society members. 


The September meeting brought us to Boa Vista Orchards.  A beautiful setting for discussing the “Chaste Tree.”  Donna Foss led us in the discussion of the “Vitex agnus-castus” or chaste tree. 


This tree is cultivated in warm temperate and subtropical regions.  Its history dates back to ancient times believed to be an aphrodisiac.   The seeds were believed to suppress sexual desire--thus the name “chaste tree”.  In traditional medicine, the chaste tree extract has been used to manage many gynecological problems. 


We had a small chaste tree to check out and seeds provided for all members.  This is a beautiful tree with aromatic foliage and butterfly-attracting lavender flowers in late summer.  Thank you Donna for introducing us to this interesting herbal tree and all its attributes.

We want to welcome Jan Keahey as our new Secretary since Patty Roemer has moved out of the area.  Also, Carmel Ashwill has volunteered to become our Hospitality Chairperson.   And, Josie Franz will be our intern who will help in my position if needed.


We have been working on the 2019 meeting calendar.  Make sure you check out some of the topics being presented next year.


We now have a planning committee for the Christmas Buffet which will be held at the Pleasant Valley Grange.   Remember it’s time to start thinking about an item for the “Gift Exchange”. This item always needs to follow along with the theme “Make-It, Bake-It, or Grow It.”  This gathering promises to be a lot of fun.  More info to come.


At the November 2, 2018 meeting, we’ll be studying the herb “Cinnamon”. This will led by Carmel Ashwill and held at Boa Vista Orchard.


Our next meeting. Friday, October 5, will be held at the El Dorado Hill Library, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  All members are invited to bring a sample of an “herbal gift” which could be used as a Christmas gift.  Please bring written directions on how to make these items and you can explain to the members how you created them.

See you All soon. 

 - Carolyn Fallis

2018 Meeting Calendar

October 5, 2018

Topic:  Herbal Gifts

Organizer: Joanne Gamette

Location: El Dorado Hills Library

               7455 Silva Valley Pkwy, El Dorado Hills

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm


November 2, 2018

Topic:  Cinnamon

Organizer: Carmel Ashwell

Location: Boa Vista Orchards

                2952 Carson Rd, Placerville

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm


December 7, 2018

Topic:  Annual Christmas Buffet

Organizer: Carolyn Fallis

Location: Pleasant Valley Community Hal

                4765 Pleasant Valley Road, Placerville

Time: 10:00am to 12:0pm